Developing an Individual Sales Activity Plan (ISAP)

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Setting goals and objectives, and ensuring they’re met, is a crucial part of effectively directing your sales team. Creating individual sales action plans that meet the needs of your team members, as well as the business, will help you and your team achieve what is required for personal development and the business’s goals.

Directing a retail sales team – Developing an ISAP

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Ensuring your sales team has clear goals is the only way to maximise their productivity. Setting objectives keeps people on track, and allows you to monitor progress. An important component of this is an Individual Sales Action Plan (ISAP), which allows you to set goals and monitor individuals within your team, as well as help them work to their best potential.

In this video, Bill gives an overview of the key features of an ISAP. These are:

  1. ISAPs should reflect your SMART goals
  2. Each individual in the sales team must have an ISAP, tailored to their role, employment status and hours of employment
  3. An ISAP is created weekly, with each day of the week composed of timeslots
  4. Within each timeslot, allocate time for specific sales activities
  5. Allocate time for training and coaching
  6. Ensure that you as a sales manager are working with each individual to tailor the ISAP to their goals and needs.

Business tools

Directing a retail sales team – Developing an individual sales activity plan (ISAP)

Setting goals and objectives, and ensuring they’re met, is a crucial part of effectively directing your sales team. Use this activity plan worksheet to help your team stay on track.

Individual sales activity planner

This tool is used for planning the type and level of sales activity to take place over the course of a week. Transfer these activities to your monthly calendar once you have confirmed days/times.

The template takes into account resources available, time allocated, and the date scheduled, record individual sales activities. These activities should be grouped by each of the five critical business processes, and include a description.

Download the resource document attached to this page, and adapt it to the needs and responsibilities for each team member.