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7 Effective Strategies for Retaining Customers:
A Guide to Driving Repeat Business

Customer retention is crucial for business success. Explore seven proven strategies to enhance retention and build strong relationships. Learn how to provide exceptional service, nurture personalised relationships, implement loyalty programs, gather feedback, personalise marketing, offer educational content, and build engaged communities for sustained growth.

How small businesses can grow and save on costs with AI

Embrace the transformative power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Australian small businesses. Explore practical applications to enhance efficiency, personalize customer experiences, make informed decisions with predictive analytics, and improve risk management. Overcome challenges like technical knowledge, cost, and data quality for successful AI adoption.

Are you really concerned about AI or do you just not know enough about it to say yes or no?

A recent survey reveals Australians’ growing concerns about AI risks, urging stronger government action. Business Advantage’s Get the Edge Program offers crucial insights to navigate challenges and harness AI’s potential, aligning with public expectations for informed governance.

Mastering Financial Organisation for Small Business Success

Discover the importance of organizing finances for small businesses in achieving long-term success. Explore insights from Reckon’s article and learn about the transformative benefits of the Get The Edge Program from, empowering businesses with essential financial management skills.

Current Events

The following events are a curated list from reliable sources. This information is supplied from our global Events page and will therefore hold dates beyond the date of when this page was originally published.

Title Type Date Description
Mentoring for Growth Program Business Queensland Coaching
Various dates Mentoring for Growth (M4G) is a mentoring program which helps you to engage with experienced business mentors through a free mentoring session. Our experienced mentors volunteer their time to help business owners and build stronger small businesses across Queensland.
COSBOA National Small Business Summit Conference
3 April
4 April
Australia’s must-attend event for anyone representing small business.
NAB Personal Cyber Security Webinars Webinar 11 April
16 May
11 July
In just 60 minutes our security specialist will cover what’s happening in the security threat landscape, how criminals are targeting you and your family, and provide some practical advice on how to stay safe.
Australia: The Road Ahead Conference Conference 17 April In a time of unparalleled wealth we are more divided than ever before. Join us to find out whether it is too late to save the Western World.
Business Mastery 2.0: How to Make Business Easy In-person event 18 April Australia’s Number 1 event for Mums in Business
Our popular Business Mastery is now accessible online and in person. Our world class training is leading the way for ambitious Mums in business who want to scale their business to a national level without compromising family time
CommBank SmallBiz Week Exhibition 28-30 May CommBank SmallBiz Week is the only event of its kind on the business calendar. Whether you’re looking to grow your business, network with peers or learn from thought leaders in the industry, this expo brings together B2B suppliers from a diverse range of industries and connects them with small business owners and leaders.
Carbon Reporting Webinar 11 June SW Accountants and Advisors
(Session 2 of 3)

Sustainability Reporting webinar series. Three sessions, providing you with topical content of particular relevance as well as an update on what’s new in sustainability reporting.

Sustainability Reporting Standards Webinar 23 October SW Accountants and Advisors
(Session 3 of 3)

Sustainability Reporting webinar series. Three sessions, providing you with topical content of particular relevance as well as an update on what’s new in sustainability reporting.